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DSCN0617CH_SEL3_1024x1024If you are a home décor enthusiast who is not yet in love with selenite, your favorite brands are about to shoot you with Cupid’s arrow, and just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Some of my January gift market faves such as Tritter Feefer and Nate Ricketts Design are setting themselves apart from the pack by punctuating their vignettes with this enamoring crystal, warm to the touch and named for the moon.  They are adorning not just artwork and accessories but, you guessed it, lighting , with this crystalline form of gypsum that also happens to be cousin to alabaster.  The most effective use of it at January market was Tritter Feefer’s placement of it as a metaphor for fireplace logs—Nothing short of decorative arts genius, number one.  And number two, thank you for reminding me why I became a designer.   By now you are probably asking yourself, “Gee, I wonder what the design rationale is behind why this looks so great?”  Well, you’ve arrived at my inner designer’s reason-for-being… The crystal log exudes warmth and nature even as it remains not an actual log.  Design brilliance often lies not just in details, but in transmitting literal and metaphorical suggestions at the same time—the marriage of form and function expressed through the placement of objects in space.  A mirror suggests a window and opens up a room to light and reflection.  An overstuffed reading chair implies abundance and coziness, inviting you to relax and recline.  In the case of selenite, it suggests to me both nature and a glam edge, raw minerals and a refinement of taste, all of which makes my designer heart positively flutter.  Questions or comments?  You can find me here, in my sweet spot, happily stranded under selenite’s spell.

1st photo– Tritter Feefer’s use of selenite as fireplace logs

2nd photo–Nate Ricketts Design selenite pendant

Cell phone mirror & pendant

DSCN9314 DSCN9313 phipinmirror

A mirror made from fall-off from cell phone template cutouts, so clever not to mention eco-friendly! And it actually looks great in person as well… They also do these in pendants, super cool and affordable. These would be great in an urban loft type of setting or any area where there is a creative or work studio vibe…


heirloom-chandlier-medium heirloom-chandlier-medium


I adore the intentional and somehow ordered complexity of these jewelry-inspired pieces by Shannon Koszyk for Currey & Company.  I feel transported to a Romanian castle by these fixtures in a way that, ahem, I really like…  The combination of gothic and glam here turns out to be a perfect comment on the dilemma so many of my clients are experiencing–how to update traditional spaces by bringing a glamorous edge to them?  Not only that, but how to modernize a house with traditional bones without being completely untrue to it? Shannon Koszyk has done it courtesy of the vision brought by Brownlee Currey, the company’s President, who told me at High Point this Fall how he came to invite the collaboration… Ms. Koszyk had been ordering chandelier frames with no additional adornment and adding her own jewelry to them.  When he looked further into it, he discovered a great opportunity to bring her on board to design a collection.  My favorite part of this design story is the audacious lengths to which metal frame, hanging beads, and cascading crystals are taken–79 inches long on the large Antiquity Chandelier  to be precise…