Monet Reimagined by Soicher-Marin

4_GNkJ5Txjg3dbazOn4sGk4hmzIvc6NkfLwBRTQjqzcThis artwork is a real standout from January 2013 market in Atlanta. It is called Abstract Water Lilies, and you can see why, though it also reminds me of fabric or found textile patterns…  (One of my clients was so excited about it that they changed course on their Great Room color scheme in order to make it the centerpiece!) This piece, which comes in a series of 3 if desired, would be great in any room that needs a large-scale anchoring piece that also sets up the color scheme for the space.  It is fresh and on-trend but also timeless… By placing all three, triptych-style, over a sofa, you would complete the wall rather than competing with the sofa by putting a single piece there that cause them to fight.  (“Complete, don’t compete!”) Thank you, Monet, without whom this artwork would not be possible!