Interior Design

Getting Started:

Living-Room-Showcase2-600x450Our initial housecall is designed to:
–identify client goals
–review and/or select paint tones
–absorb information as to the client’s preferred style
–consider space planning, lighting, and live/work/entertainment needs
–consult on décor purchases & how they will dovetail with any future lifestyle, residence, or remodeling plans
— formulate solutions for increased use & enjoyment of underused or “no-man’s-land” spaces
–define overall look, feel and style
–formulate gameplan to move forward with project goals and set deadlines for selections, quotes and job completion.

The typical initial housecall for interior design lasts an hour. Because we answer so many key questions using interior design expertise during this first visit, on-site meetings are billed at a rate of $75/hour.

Chic Abode Client Kym: Claire, I can’t figure out why this mirror doesn’t look good over the fireplace. It is such a great mirror…

Claire: It is a great mirror but it isn’t shown to its advantage because it is competing with the fireplace. It is competing because it is too similar to the fireplace in shape and size.

Kym: That is why that doesn’t look good! What should we put there?

Claire: A round mirror will be a strong decorative focal point and won’t compete with the fireplace. It will complete the fireplace rather than competing with it. Combining circles with squares often has this effect.

Kym: That’s a great idea! What do I do with the rectangular mirror, then?

Claire: I would orient it vertically over your existing bench and make an entry moment out of it. Mirrors replicate the feeling of windows because they reflect light. They also mimic the architecture of a window. This is why they work so well in entry spaces…

Kym: That’s a great idea!