Boutique Hotel

Luminous and clean-lined with a glamorous edge. Our clients wanted their spaces to live up to the high-end hotels they stay in while traveling for work. That has been the genuine inspiration for this style niche that we enjoy inhabiting so much. When we think boutique hotel, we think…

  • Starburst mirrors
  • Upholstery trimmed in nailhead
  • High-contrast palette
  • Highly reflective finishes
  • Circles & squares
  • Emphasis on the play of light
  • Minimal layers


Someone brilliant once said, “Often, less is more”… This is the case in spaces that use the repetition of simple forms to express continuity and timelessness. Avoiding layers and emphasizing sculptural shapes, this look transmits a museum or gallery feel. The use of negative space, or “room to breathe,” is also key…

  • Clean, geometric lines
  • Monochromatic palette
  • Sculptural pieces
  • Absence of pattern
  • Negative space
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Abstract artwork

Cottage Style Reimagined

Colorful, playful, at times whimsical, and always exuding history and character, the cottage style reimagined unleashes an energetic spirit. Often reclaimed or heirloom pieces, the furniture here constitutes a nod to a cherished moment in time, whether it be a reminder of your father’s woodworking days or a piece of artwork purchased on your honeymoon. Here is where we really get out of the box, repurposing old doors as wall décor or painting them fuschia and making them tabletops. With this style, the only limitation is your imagination…

  • Bright, multi-color palette
  • Found pieces
  • Mix of metal, wood, and ceramic
  • Painted or rubbed finishes
  • Extreme texture
  • Impressionist- inspired artwork


Classic, traditional, old-world… This vibe relies on carved woods, scrolling wrought iron, and a warm palette. Its layering expresses richness and an inviting quality. Curving, intertwining lines characterize lighting fixtures, fabric motifs, and rugs. These intersect with oil-rubbed finishes and textural surfaces, such as travertines and stones.

  • Warm, rich palette
  • Layered, abundant look
  • Curving, intersecting lines
  • Scrollwork
  • Oil-rubbed bronze & wrought-iron finishes
  • Landscapes and architectural artwork
  • Paisleys and damasks and toiles, oh boy!