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What kind of chic are you?

Straight lines or curvy? Warm colors or cool ones? Did you know that your inclination in responding will reveal key aspects of your ideal living space? Answer the questions below and discover your design style. Your preferences will allow us to hit the mark for you, suggesting key pieces that you are sure to fall in love with. The result could be a defining inspiration point that practically allows the rest of the design decisions to make themselves… (Okay, we are exaggerating a little bit here, but discovering client styles is exciting!) When picking your favorites, go with your instinct and know that there are no right or wrong answers…

  • 1) If I had to choose one color palette, I would probably gravitate toward:

  • 2) If I had to choose one piece of artwork, I would pick:

  • 3) The following phrase best describes my ideal space:

  • 4) If I were remodeling my kitchen, the overall feel I would want to achieve is:

  • 5) The most appealing part of the selection process for my ideal kitchen or bath would be:

  • 6) If I had to pick my favorite design or pattern from the options below, I would choose:

  • 7) If I had to choose the #1 reason for my design project from the list below, it would be:

  • 8) When it comes to working with a designer, the best way to describe my perspective is:

  • 9) Where are you in your own design journey?

  • 10) Of the rooms featured in the photos below, my #1 favorite is

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